Make Your Own Web Page!

Handy codes and tags
Tags are enclosed in between "<" and ">", and generally occur in pairs (like parenthesis or brackets),
with an extra "/" in the closing tag—see the examples below...

<html><head> <title> </title> </head> <body> </body> </html>

  • Enclosing the entire Web page text:
  • "Head" ahd "Body" sections within a page:
  • Line breaks must be marked with "<br>"—note this DOESN'T have a matching closing partner with a "/"
  • Italics:
    <i>This text will be italic in the browser</i>
  • Boldface:
    <b>This text will be boldface when viewed in a browser</b>
  • Inserting an image (with file name e.g. img_001.jpg):
    <img src="img_001.jpg">
  • Linking to another page (the MAIN POINT of the whole Web!):
    <a href="">Clickme!</a>
    clicking on "Submit" will get you to the page at

Name of file to create will be in directory

File Name:
Page Contents:

(be sure to use the tags listed to the left)

Whenever you see an interesting page, try "View Page Source"in your browser menu to
see how it's done!